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Diabetes, high blood pressure, reflux, sleep apnea and joint pain are some of the health problems associated with being excessively overweight. Bariatric surgery may be the key to helping obese patients achieve long-term weight loss and rid themselves of obesity-related health problems.

Long-term weight loss can be one of the most difficult challenges obese patients face. We offer proven weight loss procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery. Because most of our procedures are minimally invasive, they carry a lower risk of complications and often result in a faster recovery.

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Eric Velazquez, MD, FACS
Interim Director of Bariatric Surgery, Temple University Hospital and Jeanes Hospital
Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Clinical Interests: General, minimally invasive, and bariatric surgery. His research interests include metabolic and bariatric surgery, robotic surgery, and abdominal wall reconstruction

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Michael A. Edwards, MD, FACS

Associate Professor, Surgery, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Clinical Interests: Minimally invasive (laparoscopic) bariatric surgery, solid organ surgery (adrenalectomy, spleenectomy), esophageal and gastric surgery, gastric electrical neurostimulator placement for gastroparesis, simple and complex hernia surgery, and basic open and laparoscopic general surgery; clinical, psychological and dietary outcomes following obesity surgery

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Tatyan M. Clarke, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Clinical interests: Bariatric surgery including minimally invasive techniques and open gastric bypass; gastrointestinal surgery; laparoscopic hernia surgery

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Rohit Soans, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Clinical Interests: Minimally invasive (laparoscopic) bariatric surgery

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Jeanes Hospital psychologists evaluate bariatric surgery candidates during the initial assessment period to help determine whether patients qualify as candidates for bariatric surgery. Lifestyle habits are reviewed and recommendations are provided to optimize your success after surgery.

Jeffrey S. Grand, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist


Program Manager

The bariatric program manager oversees the non-clinical administration of the bariatric program. The manager assists in various aspects of the patient process, including bariatric seminars and education classes.

Patricia Bernard, RN, BSN, CBN
Bariatric Program Manager

Physicians Assistants

Jeanes physician assistants administer patient care under the surgeon’s direction, seeing patients both in the clinic and in the hospital (pre- and post-operative) and facilitating patient care throughout the entire process.

Baljit Kaur, MS,
Physician Assistant



Nurses at Jeanes are focused on patient care and are intimately involved in the pre- and post-operative process, helping guide bariatric surgery patients every step of the way. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible clinical and lifestyle outcomes.

Mary Ann Picone, DNP, RN, CRNP
Doctor of Nursing Practice

Sharon Wolfe, RN, MSN, CBN
Bariatric Program Liaison


Jeanes dietitians analyze your current eating habits and help prepare you to make healthy food choices both before and after surgery. This is an important component for long-term success. Dietitians participate in the pre-operative educational classes and conduct an individual consultation with the patient, which all Jeanes patients attend before surgery. Patients are also seen by the dietitians in the hospital after surgery for post-operative educational reinforcement and encouragement.

Mercedes Villar, RD, LPN

Victoria Natali, RD, LDN

Bethany Pavesi, RD, LDN

Other Team Members

Tracy Rocks

Administrative Coordinator

Jarelis Carrasquillo

To register for a free informational seminar or to make an appointment for a consultation with a bariatric surgeon at Jeanes, click here or call 215-728-CARE (2273).


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