Patient Story - Ed Doman

Ed Doman and his wife, Florence, had recently returned from a five-day Caribbean cruise when the retired truck driver and grandfather momentarily felt a cold sensation arc across his shoulders. Years ago, he had high blood pressure, but that had long been under control, and his cholesterol levels were always good. "I never thought I had a heart condition," says Doman, who turned 74 in June.

As a precaution, though, he took an aspirin. Nonetheless, his wife insisted on driving him that Saturday night to Jeanes Hospital—which is just eight minutes away from their Northeast Philadelphia home—to get checked out.

Good thing she did. As Doman was checking in to the Emergency Department, his heart suffered cardiac arrest. Fortunately, the emergency physicians resuscitated him so quickly that he suffered no heart damage. Then, a few days later on April 1, to overcome Doman's artery blockages, Robert S. Boova, MD, the hospital's chief of cardiovascular surgery and a Temple heart surgeon, successfully performed coronary artery bypasses.

Six days after nearly dying, Doman was back home—without ever needing any pain medication. "We went to Jeanes because it's our neighborhood hospital, it’s close to our house and we've had good experiences there before," says Doman. "And believe me, I couldn't have asked for a better experience this time."

A few family members and friends had previously had successful open-heart surgeries at Temple University Hospital, so Doman felt good about the fact that Boova is a Temple heart surgeon. "Dr. Boova and his nurse practitioner, Jacqueline Redman, couldn’t have done anything more for me," adds Doman. "They were excellent."

Thanks in part to his weekly cardiac rehab exercise sessions at the hospital, Doman continues to regain his strength. "Overall, I feel great," he says. "I've been told I can do almost anything I want to do and I have no restrictions. I'm driving again and eating almost anything I want—except for staying away from extra salt and fatty foods."

Summing up his experience, Doman says, "From the time I entered the emergency room to today, the care I've received at Jeanes Hospital has been excellent. I would recommend it to anyone."

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